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house defense over the last couple of days that only 5% of the population will be affected by this because it only involves individual insurance plans and does not affect employer-based health care. this report suggests when you go back to the federal register in june of 2010 when the fill was signed into law, officials, administration officials, actually said then they thought there would be disruptions and potentially cancellation notices for employer-baked -- employer-based plans. and jay carney insists this will be in the employers' hands and the in the early stage their costs are coming down so they should not be kicking peep off -- kicking people off plans. >> there's a report from forbes that says over 90 million individuals are going to lose their healthcare coverage they liked and had. they will have access but it's not what they want. it's what the government fors them to buy and that's not the way our system ought to work. >> costs have been going up dramatically in health care for decades, and that has put enormous pressure on american businesses and
is at the white house on defense. >> reporter: the bottom line is they still feel they're going to get the web site fixed by the end of november, the prom mess they made last week, and they also believe that when they get the web site troubles behind them, that people are going to focus on the substance of the law and that believe that's going to show that millions more are going to get insurance, and that many others are going to see their premium goes down. although whatted they don't want to admit but did at mid today when i pressed jay carny, is the fact that the president repeatedly sold this law, if you currently have health insurance, you can keep your plan, no matter what. the president said that repeatedly without any cav -- caveat. today jay carney admitted that is no longer true. take a listen. >> from that podium will you admit that when the president said, if you have a plan, you'll get to keep it, that was not true? >> well, let's just be clear. what the president said and what everybody said all along is that they're going to be changes brought about by the affordable care act t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2